Surrey Fire and Rescue


The Surrey Fire and Rescue service is committed to improving the safety of Surrey residents and we applaud anyone that joins us in this task.

We have had a good look at Safe-T-Light and we think Safe-T-Light is a very good idea that may improve safety generally especially in the event of a fire.

R Bolton


I purchased two Safe T Lights this year and I have been very pleased with them. In rural Scotland power cuts are not uncommon and the value of the Safe T Light has been demonstrated more than once already.

J Wales

Bishops Stortford

Where do I buy this wonderful light? We first saw it at friends who bought one for Christmas, we like it so much we need to buy two more.



"A few years ago one of my friends was staying overnight with her daughter, got up in the night, fell down the stairs and died, I am therefore very conscious of the value of emergency lighting during a power failure.

I congratulate you on your invention which I am sure will save lives, please send me some leaflets to pass on to friends and neighbours and my very best wishes for your success.